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Founder & Principal at Another Adventure
Projects shown on this website have been done under the direction of Cliff West and often in collaboration with other individuals and/or companies.
Decision Education Foundation
Decision Education Foundation under the auspices of its parent company, Strategic Decisions Group, espouses that better decisions make better lives. The foundation publishes instructional materials on the process of developing good decision-making skills.

Cliff West created the initial concept and managed the team that produced a DVD marketing video. The DVD provides an overview of the decision making process with presentations by DEF executives and includes interviews with educators, students and parents. 
LeapPad Packaging
LeapPad, the flagship product of Leapfrog, has sold over 10 million units worldwide.

Cliff West was the Sr. Director of Creative Services at Leapfrog for 5 and a half years. He was responsible for directing the creation of 3 different line look developments for LeapPad in response to changing Marketing requirements. In his tenure over 2000 projects were completed -- i.e. packaging, displays and collateral for several lines including Juvenile,Infant Toddler, Preschool, Grade and Middle School.
Yak Bak Packaging
Yak Bak was a top selling line of handheld electronic toys produced by YES! Entertainment.

Cliff West was formerly the Director of Creative Services at YES! He was responsible for directing the development of this distinctive line of packaging. Other projects included Air Vectors, W3 (Wild Water Weapons), PowerPenz, Teddy Ruxpin and more.

PhonicsMart Software
PhonicsMart, a multimedia CD-ROM, is a fun and exciting way for children to practice phonics skills. As they interact with five different games, children can also create their own songs and discover animations, illustrations, sound effects, slide shows and videos.

Gizmo, an animated toy, is the guide that takes players through each game, offering direction and encouragement along the way. 
Newsletters and Bulletins
Cliff West has produced numerous monthly newsletters and weekly bulletins that have been published in print and on line.
Created and designed ComputerVisions, an electronic instructional media system providing a complete curriculum taught without a textbook.
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Designed numerous websites for profit and non-profit ventures.
Instructional Design