Clifford  West
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Founder & Principal at Another Adventure
Creative Services
Developed communications including weekly bulletins, monthly newsletter, Web site and email messaging programs; Directed design and development of over 2,000 packaging projects; Directed hundreds of collateral, display and signage projects; Designed and produced magazines, books and other publications. Supervised five successful tradeshow installations; Supervised web site development; Authored manuals and courseware; Developed toys and accessories. ​
(10 cummulative years)
Organization and Administration
Successful results are achieved through applied experience. 
Cliff West's  abilities and training have provided him with a strong background in the following areas.
Managed administration and bookkeeping of a non-profit organization; Recruited and supervised volunteers; Managed computer networking and IT services. Established a Creative Services Department and assembled a team of over 30 highly skilled professionals in design, production, copy editing, photography and illustration; Initiated an end-to-end electronic workflow (concept to printing) to streamline, increase quality and lower cost of overall process; Saved over $500,000 in 2004 with elimination of redundant prepress; Increased department productivity in 2004 by over 30% while operating under spending levels of previous year; Supervised both in-house staff and contract design groups; Sourced and supervised vendor relationships; Initiated the adoption of desktop publishing; Co-founded a software company; Executive directed a non-profit organization; Published Dr. Dobb's Journal, Recreational Computing and other publications.
(18 cummulative years)
Project Management
Supervised large and small in-house and out-of-house staffs; Sourced project teams; Developed marketing and instructional videos; Developed over 12 educational software titles; Managed the development of instructional materials for over 150 products; Supervised the development of curriculum software and testing programs; Provided creative and product development for Apple, Addison Wesley, Worlds of Wonder, Hasbro, South-Western Publishing, Steck-Vaughn and other companies.  
(15 cummulative years)
Computer Skills
Windows and Mac Platforms: Microsoft Office, FileMaker, Dreamweaver, 
Adobe Creative Suite, financial software including QuickBooks. 
(20 cummulative years)
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